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As a former Brazilian national player (beach and indoor) and head coach of various national league A and B teams (Switzerland and Europe) as well as assistant coach of the Swiss junior national team, I know what is important in volleyball. Ball control, speed and bounce are just a few disciplines that a successful volleyball player must master. With targeted exercises, with and without a ball, I will lead you to top performance in individual training or together with your team.


Season preparation

Are you an ambitious team that would like some new input? Maybe you have a player-coach or a coach who is not always available? For the next season I am at your disposal for individual trainings or the preparation for the season. You tell me what your goals are and I support you to achieve them. Good preparation for the season is essential, especially for semi-professional teams that keep making changes. I would be happy to support you: Depending on your level and your wishes, we concentrate on the important elements in volleyball: ball control, teamwork, jumping, speed, to name just a few. But training to increase general fitness (endurance, strength) is also important and can be decisive in the season.


352 / 5000 Übersetzungsergebnisse The most important insights of every coach are based on analyzes. Your own moves are looked at, but also those of your opponents. As a trained scoutsman, I can provide you with important input that will give you an advantage over your opponent. I don't even have to be on site - scouting also works via video.

Volleyball clinics

In my volleyball-clinics we focus on a specific topic that you as a player or as a team want to improve. It's a very technical training from which you can profit a lot if you have a specific topic you want to work on.


90 minutes training
condition, strength, speed

CHF 100

Training day (1/2)

CHF 350

Training day

CHF 500



CHF 100


CHF 150 (plus expenses)


90 – 120 minutes

CHF 120


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